Don't Gamble with your Security

Past and Current Customers

  • Google (Mutible Locations)
  • Oracal
  • Bank of the West (Headquarters and Multiple locations)
  •  Kaiser Permanente
  • Safeway (Headquarters and Multiple locations)

  • Alameda County Water District
  • Federal Bureau of Prisons
  • Travis Air force base
  • Fremont School District (Multiple Locations)
  • Onizuka Air Force Station 

Hotel / Motel;
  • Comfort Inn (Sunnyvale)
  • Best Western
  • Good Night Inn
  • Rams Motel
  • Holster Inn
  • Parkside apartments Brentwood
  • Collage Square Apartments (Davis)
  • El Rancho Verde Apts (San Jose)
  • Lion Creek Apartments (Oakland)
  • The Village at Willow Glenn Apts.
  • 7-11
  • Shell Gas
  • Tool-Up
  • Son of a Jewler
  • Spa Studio
Bars and Resturants;
  • Allstar sports bar
  • Brass Door
  • Macaroni grill
  • Warehouse Bar and Grill
  • Hopyard Bar and Grill (Multiple Locations)
  • Cloverleaf Bowl
  • Livermore Cinema
  • Club Sport (Multible Locations)
  • Sunol Valley Golf Club
  • Tommy T's

Go Cart Racer
Thomas Kinkade  Headquarters
1000 trails campgrounds (Multiple Locations)
You Tube
AappaKadia indian resturant Santa Clara
Alameda County Water District
Alameda hotel
Allstar sports bar
Ashley Funiture
Bank of the West (Headquarters and Multiple locations)
Bayview villa (elderly care)
berti produce 
Best westerrn
Blue Bar 
Brass Door
Federal Bureau of Prisons
Parkside apartments Brentwood
Buisness TV
Burning Man (Headquarters in SF)
California Plaza (Walnut Creek)
Carlton Plaza (San Jose)
Celestines Resturant (Oakland)
Clementines Resturant (San Ramon)
Cloverleaf Bowl
Club Sport (Multiple locations)
Coaches Bar (Femont)
Coinmech (multiple Locations)
Collage Square Apartments (Davis)
Comfort Inn (Sunnyvale)
Contra Costa Times
Courtyard Marriott
Emerald Cove (Baypoint)
Creekside Apartments (San Jose)
Crystal Hotel (San Fransisco)
Safeway (Headquarters and Multiple locations)
Del Loma RV park
Desilva Gate (Multiple Locations)
Discovery Inn (Hayward)
Don Pedro Motel (Salida)
Dr. Don pequeros
Dr Draper DDS.
Dreamland Boxing
Eco Thirft (Hayward)
El Rancho Verde Apts (San Jose)
Evie's Bar (Dublin)
Extreme Networks 
Fair Oaks Hotel 
Fairfield Inn
Fillmore Marketplace (San Fransisco)
Fretcher Jones Mercedes and Porsche
Floormasters (Multiple Locations)
Fremont School District (Multiple Locations)
Fremont Apts. (Sacramento)
Fresenius medical (Multiple Locations)
Good Night Inn (Multiple Locations)
Golden State Storage
Granada Inn
H & H Recovery
Arden Gardens Apts.
Holliday Inn (Multiple Locations)
Home Delivery Logistics
Hopyard Bar and Grill (Multiple Locations)
Livermore Cinemas
Inam Trust
Insight Capital
Jaco Recycling (Multiple Locations)
Jesuit community Santa Clara Collage 
Son Of A Jewler (Multiple Locations)
 Kaiser Permanente
Kraft Foods 
Lion Creek Apts.
Livermore Self Storage
KS Trucking and Storage
Perry Morgan Express
Macaroni grill
Marina Village
Mass Mutual
Masses Bar and Grill
Mc Namara's steak house
Mikes Auto Body
Morgan Hill Inn
Holster Inn
Nibbi Bros.
NCM direct Delivery
Noble Towers
Oak Village Apts.
Oak Park Apts.
Oakland Friendy Cab
Orb Networks
Palace Tow
Parkside Glenn Apts.
Paseo Villas
Providence House Apts.
Quality Inn
Rams Motel
RBC Wealth Management
Reagen Buisness Center
Paso Robles Apts.
Roberts Jewlery
United Van Lines
Saint Louise Hospital
Schafer Apartments
Sequoia Country Club
Shell Gas
Southside Cafe
Spa Studio
Sunol Valley Golf Club
The Studio
Tommy T's
Tool Up (Multiple Locations)
Travis Air force base
Onizuka Air Force Station 
Trinity Plaza
VCA Hospitals
Vector Resorces
Wachovia Securities
Warehouse Bar and Grill
Westwood Apts.
The Village at Willow Glenn Apts.
Yosemite Ridge
"Mark has been a great value to our company. His knowledge of camera surveillance and recording devices is outstanding. His ability to quickly respond when needed has been very integral in our ability to manage the multiple locations we operate. ",Desilva Gates

"Mark installed a system in my restaurant. What a great job! He has all the knowledge in the whole on the computer and cameras. He also set up my iphone so I could watch the store from anywhere. I use as a trouble shooter in my other location. "Waffle House

"Design, installation and maintenance of Surveillance systems, TV channel programming for homes and businesses. Very professional and experienced. Always available to help you."Comfort Inn's

"Knowledgeable, always helpful, returns calls, dependable" Golden State Storage

"Mark is very knowledgable and easy to work with. I have worked with him for several years and would not hesitate to recommend him. "Courtyard by Marriot

"I am an owners Rep. for Related California, we specialize in mixed use and affordable housing through out the Bay Area. We construct 150 to 700 unit projects. We have used several Security Camera Companies over the past 15 years since I have been with this company. However with large 27 and 50 acre projects our Camera troubles seemed to mount. A business associate suggested we engage Mark Jeffrey's to take a look at out systems. That was the beginning of an excellent relation ship that has spanned over the last 4 + years and continues. Mark is working on 2 of our projects at this time. He is very versed in this industry and great to work with. He takes care of business and is very accommodating. I would HIGHLY recommend Mark to anyone looking for a Security Camera system. He is the Best we have worked with in this area. "Related Builders

"I've worked with Mark Jeffreys for years. He has installed Direct TV with multiplexed satellite dishes and a 16 Camera CCTV DVR system for the security department in the 380,000 sq. ft. office building I work in. Everything Mark does is done right the first time and he stands behind what he does. What impresses me most about Mark is his integrity and honesty. As far as I'm concerned he is the only person I call for the type of work he does. Do yourself a favor and call Mark, you won't regret it."California Plaza

"I have no tech or knowledge of how camera and phone systems work. It's good. I have Mark. He and his team are punctual, reliable, knowable and most of all get it right the first time. Anything I think of, I just call Mark and he has great advise and that includes sometimes telling me to save my money. Use 
Space Age. You will be happy."NCM Direct Delivery

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