Don't Gamble with your Security

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The different types of DVR's, all DVR's have advantages and drawbacks;

PC Based Advantages; Easy to use, lots of features, easy to view on smart phones and PC's, easy to quickly repair or upgrade, lots of camera selections.

PC Based Disadvantages; Big, more expensive.

Enbedded DVR's Advantages; Inexpensive, Small size, 100,s to choose from. 

Embedded DVR's Disadvantages; Not repairable, Not upgradable, hard to use, hard to put and view online, extremely limited camera choices

NVR's advantages; Can put anywhere that internet is available off site. Easy to access from any PC with internet access, Easy to upgrade and repair.

NVR's Disadvantages; Can be slow and choppy depending on internet speed, must use more expensive IP cameras, Cameras need internet access, Not a great selection of specialty cameras. 

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